Logicboard repair not many computer shops knows how to do it or even diagnose it right.

MM TECH DOCTOR OFFERS logicboard repair!!

we can fix the mainboard no matter what the issue is.  we do trouble shoot the problem and find the failing part.

why Logicboard or mainboards usually fails?
They fail because of several reasons:
  •  Physical damage – dropping your computer or putting pressure on it may result in distorting or kill the mainboard components .
  •  Liquid spill – liquid spill is the main reason why logicboards or mainboard fail. Liquid spill can make logicboard stop function right away and with time depending on the liquid or how much and wither the system is on or off it may result in more damage if the system does not gets cleaned up.
  • Overheating – heating  can cause solder points to vibrate more and crack afterward, which can lead to logicboard failer

pervent all of the obove from happeing, will save your logicboard in your system from failing.